HP TouchPads selling at SGD$118 and SGD$188 at Comex for 1st and 2nd Day!

Crazy sale of HP TouchPads will be at Comex for the first 2 days. You will be able to get 16gb HP TouchPad for $118(without GST) and $188 for 32gb model. This kind of price for a tablet you will not be able to get anywhere else. HP will only be selling 100 sets per day per model. So if you wish to get 1, better be there early.

For me.. I was considering and thinking, I don’t really have a workflow for this HP TouchPad. It is a no brainer buy, just $118 for a 16gb TouchPad. But I don’t have any use for it… Put up as a digital photo album? Web surfing device? I really think of a good reason or use case for it. So, after considering, this $118 I will keep and purchase Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens instead. I think it will definitely be of more use for me than a extra tablet siting at home. Although I can’t deny the fact that I really wish to try out WebOS.

So, what do you think ?