2011 New Year’s Resolutions

I have never really set any New Year’s Resolutions before, thus I wanna start it this year. Let’s review it next year and see if I did those in my list!

  1. Get my Driving License
  2. Set up a new blog on music
  3. Try podcasting
  4. Build iPhone App
  5. Settle my personal issue
  6. Generate more ideas and put ideas into actions
  7. Put words into actions
  8. To have a better temper
  9. Blog more
  10. Have a better time management!
  11. Love her more, do more fun stuff together
  12. New blog theme!

ok… i cheated for the last one, I just changed my WordPress theme! :X haha

Let’s hope I can do what I aim for!

So, what do you think ?