Impressive Future Smartphone by Mozilla!

I know Microsoft is building Windows Phone 7, Android is growing very strong and Apple is one of the most popular and innovative smartphone manufacturer around. But Mozilla came out with what I feel the most impressive and amazing smartphone concept around.

Mozilla Seabird

Although Seabird is just a concept but the design is already quite fully featured. It comes with 8MP camera, IR dongle together with Bluetooth for Ear-piece which can be detach from the phone itself!

The most impressive part is the 2 way projector built-in on the phone! You will be able to project out a virtual keyboard and display, so you can use your phone like a PC/laptop whereever you dock your phone! Impressive yeah?

Stop imagining the phone, check out their concept video below:


  • Reply antsmail |

    the problem with concept phones is that until u see it being commercialised, you really dont know how viable it is, although i admit the novelty is really cool.

    these days, smartphones live or die by their own apps and app store, and this is where apple has clearly succeeded. i believe how good a phone or smartphone is today is not determined by its technical specs, but by the community that supports it.

    this is why android is able to find a foothold mainly due to the developer community and blackberry still retains its corporate base.

So, what do you think ?