Battlestar Galactica’s Seat flew off in Universal Studio Singapore, causing the 5 month shut-down

We all know that Batterstar Galactica Roll-Coaster is one of the main attraction of Universal Studio, Singapore. But it was shut down for close to 5 months, and still not re-open.

Today we finally know the real reason why it is shut down for so long, One of the seat in the ride, flew off and hit the ground during testing. It was reported that the seat gave way due to the repeated stress of high speed motion.

This is a very shocking news to me, imagine they were not testing and actual visitor are on the ride, it will be a tragic. Lucky Universal Studio Singapore found out the issue before anything bad happened.

Additional safety measures will now be added to the ride with the use of a single seat post instead of a welded piece. This will eliminate the need for a relatively weaker joint at the welding to hold the seat and chassis together.

Words from Genting CEO

Genting’s chief executive Lim Kok Thay said a “flaw in the design” of a car caused it to be grounded for more than four months.

“The ride is under a major re-design. Not the track itself. It’s a flaw in the design of the car that would not perform to the standards that we wish for it to perform,” he said.

He added that it was their policy to shut down the ride on “grounds of safety, not that there was any mishap or accident”, when signs showed it could have been unsafe after rigorous testing.

Hopefully Genting and Universal Studio will get it sorted out quick, We all love crazy roll-coaster, but news like this… really scares the hell out of me! :X [yahoo]

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