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Cute Japanese Cooking Toy!

I’m not really into those cute stuff, but I came across this cute Japanese cooking toy that is pretty amazing! Not only you make them from scratch, the way that the “food” you make is pretty magical!

Please note that the “food” cannot be eaten! They are just toys that look very real!

Check out the video and you will be amazed by how Japanese is so perfectionist!

Oh ya! The cooking sound is made by chemical reaction, the food is not really cooking and it is not warm too.

The below video of Japanese Food Toy are all eligible, they are all kind of jelly with flavor! Quite cool har?

Creative and Nicely Shot Film

I’m always interested in film making, ok, people who knows me will say I’m always interested in everything. But film making is really one of them. I’m never good in it, never really spent much time on it too. Nevertheless below are one of the few short films that I think are nicely done and very creative.

These few film were shot by Exkild from Norway, he’s pretty good in directing and acting. Yes he directs and acts in all his films.

Check them out, and I hope one day I will also produce films like this 🙂 :

Part two of Black Ops

He’s kind of the lead actor in the film below, not sure if he did any directing:

UFO Spotted hovering over Dome of Rock, Islamic Shrine

Always a fan of UFO, Aliens and weird weird stuff happening around the world… So this video is cool…. UFO Spotted hovering over Dome of Rock, an Islamic Shrine on top of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

It is just a bright white light, but look at the SPEED is can burst up into the sky in like less than a second! We are not sure if the video is real or fake, but with the crowds reactions in the video, and video taken by 2 different groups with different angle…

Check out the UFO Video:

New Augmented Reality demoed!

I’m not a big fan of AR, as it is still not as good as expected. We have seen alot of AR in movies, in demo videos. In theory AR will be a huge plus if it is as good as what we have seen in Movie.

Here a demo of those new iPhone related Augmented Reality by Metaio!