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Minister Farrakhan Interview – UFO is real [Video]

I have no idea how credible are the words of the Islamic Minister Louis Farrakhan, but he do make some sense. And I believe there are something out there which we don’t know yet. So who knows what he will disclose to the world. Hopefully it will be some with evidence, which might force countries like USA and Russia to tell us what is happening.

So, UFO really is among us.

Another update of UFO. During my secondary school days, I was addicted to reading Animorphs books from Applegate, still my favorite books series till now. Why? Because it is a series based on Aliens and Technology which I feel is highly possible. Although author of the series Applegate mentioned all are ficition, but it seems amaze me.

Anyway, check out the consolidated video from YouTube on all the UFO sighting for the past few years, it excites me, honestly because I always feel that aliens are real:

UFO Spotted hovering over Dome of Rock, Islamic Shrine

Always a fan of UFO, Aliens and weird weird stuff happening around the world… So this video is cool…. UFO Spotted hovering over Dome of Rock, an Islamic Shrine on top of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

It is just a bright white light, but look at the SPEED is can burst up into the sky in like less than a second! We are not sure if the video is real or fake, but with the crowds reactions in the video, and video taken by 2 different groups with different angle…

Check out the UFO Video: