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Mr Brown Take of NS Recognition Award

I have always been a fan of Mr Brown, our Singapore Local Podcast Talent. He has always been very funny, straight to the point and creative. Here’s he’s take on the new NS Recognition Award that Singapore Government is giving us NS men who have served the nation. But what about the “old-birds” who have MR before the launch of this award?

Let Hitler tell you his feelings toward this issue:

Hitler Finds Out about his NS Recognition Award from mrbrown on Vimeo.

If I’m a sorcerer’s apprentice, I would use the power to pass my IPPT!

If I’m a Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I would really use the power, to power through my NS Remedial Training!! Haha, Yes… I’m going back for my 1st session  of RT this sunday… and if I really have the power.. I really wish… to use it for my RT and pass my IPPT!!

Check out the Sorcerer’s Apprentice trailer, it looks quite interesting! I always love Nicolas Cage’s movie, so I’m not going to miss this one! 🙂

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