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Singtel, M1 and Starhub to Launch iPhone 4 on 30th July?

Apple announced that iPhone 4 will launch internationally on 30th July! So… will Singtel, M1 and Starhub get to release iPhone 4 all at once? Nevertheless it is great that finally we have a date to wait for! Haha! I am out of mobile contract for 6 months already, just to wait for iPhone 4 to launch in Singapore!! So, it doesn’t really matter which carrier it launch first! White iPhone will also be release end of July, so we might be able to get both color iPhone 4 on 30th July?! That will be one of the greatest news!

Want to teach your grandma to video chat? Ask her to watch this video!

I think Google are trying their best to be creative and funny most of the time. I feel that they are quite successful, but I think they are making jokes that only geeks can understand. Honestly, if I show this video to my grandma, I don’t think she will understand! Google’s Systems are still overly complicated to some, that’s why I think Apple’s iPhone 4 FaceTime will be more successful with old people… just like why iPad can be easily used by anyone in the world from old to young. 🙂