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Wishlist for 2011!

This is my first ever wishlist, I was never really into blogging previously. I started blogging just late 2009, started as a hobby blog for Apple products as I got in love with Apple. Of course, i gotten the hang of blogging, and started as my personal blog, blogging on tech stuff that aren’t really related to Apple and my life.

So now let’s list down my wishlist for 2011!

1. NAS – I need it, this is one my confirm buy list, as I really need more space, so NAS should be the way to go, less cables.

2. iPhone 5 – No doubt about it, iPhone 5 will be in my list, so will iPhone 6 the next year.

3. Entry Level DSLR – I love my HD Video Cam given to me from my girlfriend, video is really the only way to help you remember those happy moments during tours and events. But taking good photos is an art. I wants to learn how to take good picture, thus entry level DSLR is what I want for 2011 too!

4. Airport Extreme Base Station – My linksys router served me for almost 8 years… still going strong, but I want an Airport!

5. Macbook Air 11inch – I think it is a wonder, a very cool and thin laptop, which I think is the way all laptop should be.

6. Mac Mini Server – Always wanted to test out Snow Leopard Server OS, of course if Lion Server will be on Mac Mini Server, I will prefer it! :X

7. iPad 2 – I have blogged about why I don’t want to buy iPad, but after almost 1 yr, I still don’t see any tablet as good as iPad, maybe iPad 2 will have features that make me change my mind about buying iPad?

8. iMac 27inch  – iMac have the nicest screen I have ever seen, large screen is always cool, but I think the next refresh will be the one that I will buy even more. Hopefully SSD will be cheaper and I think SSD as primary HDD is the way to go for desktop too!

Haha, this my list of wishlist, they are numbered, according what I feel I need it most. Although all of the above is what I want, but what I need is actually just NAS. The rest are really just plain wishlist. My Macbook Pro 13″ is serving me like a king, just that I’m running out of HDD, thus NAS is cool.

What’s your wishlist for 2011? How different is it to mine? Leave a me a comment. if you are feeling rich, and wish to give me any items on my wishlist, please feel very free to contact me! Haha! giving out free domain name and hosting plan!

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Google Chrome OS Tablet coming by November?

Remember I previous blogged about why I’m not getting iPad when it launch in Singapore. I am still not planning to get one even after i played with one, even though I don’t mind to have one(anyone?).

Rumors are stating that Google is going to launch a new Tablet running on Google Chrome OS, and I feel that it might be the tablet I’m waiting for. According to Download Squad‘s report:

So what will the Google tablet pack for hardware? It’ll likely be based on NVidia’s Tegra 2 platform and sport a 1280×720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, minimum 32GB SSD, WiFi/Bluetooth/3G connectivity, GPS, webcam, and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader. Expect it to be every bit as geek-tastic as the Nexus One — Google won’t want to disappoint its early adopters.

It seems to be a very good device to replace your laptop, if the weight, battery life and senstivity of the touch screen is as good as iPad, I will be considering to get one, because I love Chrome, and I feel that a laptop replacement cannot be as restrictive as iPad.

Anyway, I’m loving my experience with iPhone 4. 🙂

50GB Data Plan for iPad from SingTel

SingTel have announced on their site their newly launch iPad Data Plan.

50GB Plan

Monthly Subscription: 34.50 per month for $30.50 per month for a 24 months contract.

Data Usage: 50GB

Download Speed: 7.2Mbps

Upload Speed: 1.5 Mbps

Excess Charge Cap: $94.16

One-Time Charge for Mirco-Sim: $13.38

For a FREE USB modem and a MicroSIM with adaptor, sign up at $36.50 a month for 24 months.
One-time charge of $37.45 applies.

3 Day Unlimited Plan

There is also another 3 day unlimited plan at $12.60, you can do top up when you need them.

Details on SingTel Site

My View

Overall I don’t feel they are attractive enough, I feel that they are slightly more expensive than I thought they will be. Honestly, who will use up 50gb on their iPad?! They should have a lighter plan maybe a 12-20gb plan which is half the price, I think the response should be better.

Hopefully M1 or Starhub will be coming out with better plans for iPad, and because iPad is not tied to any carrier, people can buy iPad at Apple Store and just purchase a contract from any Carriers in Singapore! 🙂

iPad launch in Singapore on Friday, but I’m not buying it. Why?

4 Reasons why I’m not buying Apple iPad as a Apple fan boy.

1. I’m Poor. OK la!

This is the most common reason people give right? But actually poor is relative. I will be buying iPhone 4 even if it is more expensive than iPad, why? Because I love my iPhone 3G and I have been waiting for iPhone 4 for 6months(I’m out of mobile contract).

2. iPad is running iOS which is almost same as iPhone’s iOS.

I don’t seem much difference from using a iPhone and iPad. Yes, the screen is bigger but overall the feel is completely the same. I don’t think I am going to buy another iPhone just because it have bigger screen.

3. I feel that iPad is abit too limited as a Portable Tablet/Computer.

Yes, you might argue that iPad is not a computer, it is a consumer device like TV or Nintendo Wii. But for me I feel that iPad will be a PC replacement, with iPad I think 90% of my normal day Computer workflow can be achieve on it. For eg. Surfing web, watching podcast, blogging, tweeting, facebook, email, IM, listening to music and even gaming. But there is this 10% that is don’t really do yet that is bothering me.

  • No external drive – I’m almost limited to 16-64gb of space, If I need more I can’t get…. yes, dropbox or some other way I can get more space, but it is just not my normal workflow.
  • No iMovie – One of the main reason I love my MacBook Pro is that it have iMovie, a very powerful and easy to use Movie Editor that I can import clips from my HD Camcorder, editor and export them. I can’t really do it on my iPad
  • Multi-tasking – Yes, you can say that Multi-tasking is coming, but it is not true multi-tasking.
  • Files Support – I hope play RMVB files, or some other format of files on iPad, but it is not really possible now.
  • Files Download – It is not as easy to download and open files like you normally do on a Mac/PC.

4. Android

I always have a interest in Android, even before the first Android phone came out, I’m already reading heavy on it and thought of doing development(during my poly days). So if there is any tablet is that going to have a good form factor, good battery life and runs Android, it might be a better choice for me.

Thus… I’m not getting iPad when it launch in Singapore, even though I want one… :X