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Real Life Portal – No Escape [Video]

Love Creative Video, This is really very creative and nicely shot. If you have played Portal or Portal 2 Game, you will love this video even more. Portal is about a “gun” which you can shot anĀ entranceĀ and an exit, you can be creative on how you create the door and the exit, and be able to achieve crazy impossible stunt. Check out the video, and check out the game if possible too!

Creative Videos

I’m always a fan of creative video produced. I really hope one day I can participate or be part of such creative and cool video production. But now, let’s all enjoy the cool video created by Freddie and his freddiew team, and Sam and niko at CorridorDigital

Freddiew – Real life Mario –

Wanna know how they made this video?

Freddiew – Time Crisis?

Freddiew – Cereal Killer

Behind the scene of Cereal Killer

CorridorDigital – Prism
Super cool video, high budget, but very nicely done.