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2 litres Pet bottle can be use as 50watt light bulb (in the day)

Solar Light with no cost

This is one of the most amazing solar powered hack I have ever seen. It only requires one 2 litres Pet Bottle, 10ml of Bleach, and a full bottle of clean, filtered water.

It will only be applicable if your house/garage is a single level, but this is the common style for people in 3rd world countries. This is changing life of people in many countries. Check out the video below:

Creative Videos

I’m always a fan of creative video produced. I really hope one day I can participate or be part of such creative and cool video production. But now, let’s all enjoy the cool video created by Freddie and his freddiew team, and Sam and niko at CorridorDigital

Freddiew – Real life Mario –

Wanna know how they made this video?

Freddiew – Time Crisis?

Freddiew – Cereal Killer

Behind the scene of Cereal Killer

CorridorDigital – Prism
Super cool video, high budget, but very nicely done.

Cute Japanese Cooking Toy!

I’m not really into those cute stuff, but I came across this cute Japanese cooking toy that is pretty amazing! Not only you make them from scratch, the way that the “food” you make is pretty magical!

Please note that the “food” cannot be eaten! They are just toys that look very real!

Check out the video and you will be amazed by how Japanese is so perfectionist!

Oh ya! The cooking sound is made by chemical reaction, the food is not really cooking and it is not warm too.

The below video of Japanese Food Toy are all eligible, they are all kind of jelly with flavor! Quite cool har?

Motorola Atrix – your phone, your laptop, your everything!

Quite a cool idea, that you can dock your phone and be using it like a desktop… Although it should have quite a few issues as it is the first generation of it. But the idea itself is cool, as you can actually use 1 device throughout, files and contacts don’t really need to be sync from phone, to your laptop to your desktop to your phone again. Haha!

Here is hands on video on Atrix, it is already working, will be release by the first quarter of 2011:

It is quite cool right, but I think the media center dock is quite “stupid”. If I have AirPlay like iPhone, I don’t really need to dock my phone to play my videos on phone. What is worse is you will have to run to your phone if you get a phone call or text message? If I’m doing AirPlay I can just answer it… anywhere in the house.

Nevertheless Atrix seems like a quick glance to the future of what we will be having. Dummy Terminals like the laptop dock, and we just need to bring around our smartphones. Motorola, please add a video cam on your laptop dock, else how do you do video calls?