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HDR Newbie

Hi guys. It has been a long time since I have blog. Recently I’m very busy with work, especially when I came back from US Vacation. Works has been crazy, haven’t been so busy for quite awhile… Learnt quite a few new things like Informatica Server Installation, Data Profiling from Informatica and Oracle DataWarehouse Administration.

Anyway back to what I wanna blog today. HDR and Photography. Yes, I have recently bought a DSLR – Canon 600D. DSLR is on my wishlist, so yup 1 strike off from it, a very painful one. Now I’m a very poor man. But what made me bite the bullet was my recent US Trip.

I always believe the saying “Money can’t buy Memory”, but what money can buy closest to “Memory” is Photographs & Video. Thus I bought my first ever DSLR Canon 600D. So for my trip to US, I brought along 600D and Panasonic HS200 Video Cam.
What can I say? I’m very busy in the trip, trying to balance when should I take video and when should I do photo. Anyway because camera is the newer one, so of course I will definitely be abit bias, thus took abit more photos than video.

Below are some of my HDR photo I took, HDR- High Dynamics Range Photos, I’m a newbie and learning. Please leave a comment so I can learn more about photography and HDR:

Thanks for viewing! 🙂

Creative and Nicely Shot Film

I’m always interested in film making, ok, people who knows me will say I’m always interested in everything. But film making is really one of them. I’m never good in it, never really spent much time on it too. Nevertheless below are one of the few short films that I think are nicely done and very creative.

These few film were shot by Exkild from Norway, he’s pretty good in directing and acting. Yes he directs and acts in all his films.

Check them out, and I hope one day I will also produce films like this 🙂 :

Part two of Black Ops

He’s kind of the lead actor in the film below, not sure if he did any directing: