Gates of Hell Just Opened In Guatemala

This is the craziest deep sinkhole I have ever saw on Earth! Look at it… always like it is going to be 2012… I have no idea what happened, but according to reports this sinkhole appeared last sunday in a street intersection of Ciudad de Guatemala. It is by Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha. Super crazy shit…

No! It is not photoshop! Please…. it is just sad…

Check out the Video shot from a helicopter flying across the sinkhole…

Digg Version 4 is quite cool!

I don’t know about you guys.. but problem with Digg is that we have to wait for users/readers to digg it first, else it won’t be in digg. But if blogs/pages are auto-submit to digg, and readers who are following u, can read and digg it. I’m sure more people will be in digg, as we have seen how successful twitter/facebook is in sharing links.

I’m glad kevin and his team is putting this in the next version of digg, and I hope it will be successful. And pls, don’t say it is a copy of twitter, it is just how IT World is, everyone is doing the same thing if it is sucessful.

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Visit Singapore’s Changi Airport T3 for the tallest slide in Singapore!

Its cool! I don’t know why they wanna put this in our airport… but I think it is a kind of attraction nevertheless… Interesting move by Singapore Changi Aiport! I hope the kids will enjoy them. The auto-gate that allow people to enter only when it is safe is quite advance I would think. 🙂

So, check it  out if you happen to pop by Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 3!

Human Infected with Computer Virus?

Dr. Mark Gasson is infected with computer virus, yes, computer virus. Don’t worry about it yet, because he was the one who infected it himself, but he is proving a point.

Dr Mark told BBC that this will be a common problem next time, if we are running windows rather than Mac OS(ITS A JOKE)

But he actually mention that this will be a problem next time, if we implant chips into our body, we might be a mobile virus infected spreading computer ourselves. Check out the video!

IRON BABY! Super cool video

Haha, We have seen how powerful is Iron Man, we have seen what he can do with his suit. So… What if… What if a baby is given the suit? What can he do? What can he achieve? What can he do to the world?

Check out his video! Haha!