Battlestar Galactica’s Seat flew off in Universal Studio Singapore, causing the 5 month shut-down

We all know that Batterstar Galactica Roll-Coaster is one of the main attraction of Universal Studio, Singapore. But it was shut down for close to 5 months, and still not re-open.

Today we finally know the real reason why it is shut down for so long, One of the seat in the ride, flew off and hit the ground during testing. It was reported that the seat gave way due to the repeated stress of high speed motion.

This is a very shocking news to me, imagine they were not testing and actual visitor are on the ride, it will be a tragic. Lucky Universal Studio Singapore found out the issue before anything bad happened.

Additional safety measures will now be added to the ride with the use of a single seat post instead of a welded piece. This will eliminate the need for a relatively weaker joint at the welding to hold the seat and chassis together.

Words from Genting CEO

Genting’s chief executive Lim Kok Thay said a “flaw in the design” of a car caused it to be grounded for more than four months.

“The ride is under a major re-design. Not the track itself. It’s a flaw in the design of the car that would not perform to the standards that we wish for it to perform,” he said.

He added that it was their policy to shut down the ride on “grounds of safety, not that there was any mishap or accident”, when signs showed it could have been unsafe after rigorous testing.

Hopefully Genting and Universal Studio will get it sorted out quick, We all love crazy roll-coaster, but news like this… really scares the hell out of me! :X [yahoo]

Google Chrome OS Tablet coming by November?

Remember I previous blogged about why I’m not getting iPad when it launch in Singapore. I am still not planning to get one even after i played with one, even though I don’t mind to have one(anyone?).

Rumors are stating that Google is going to launch a new Tablet running on Google Chrome OS, and I feel that it might be the tablet I’m waiting for. According to Download Squad‘s report:

So what will the Google tablet pack for hardware? It’ll likely be based on NVidia’s Tegra 2 platform and sport a 1280×720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, minimum 32GB SSD, WiFi/Bluetooth/3G connectivity, GPS, webcam, and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader. Expect it to be every bit as geek-tastic as the Nexus One — Google won’t want to disappoint its early adopters.

It seems to be a very good device to replace your laptop, if the weight, battery life and senstivity of the touch screen is as good as iPad, I will be considering to get one, because I love Chrome, and I feel that a laptop replacement cannot be as restrictive as iPad.

Anyway, I’m loving my experience with iPhone 4. 🙂

Americans are not stupid!

This is a very funny YouTube Video! No Offence, but it is really funny, I’m not sure how will Singaporean do if we will be asked the same questions… But I’m pretty sure we will do better, although the show will definitely play out those that are stupid! :X

Let Internet tell you what you gonna do next for 1 whole year?

Are you willing to let your life be run by Internet for one whole year? Meaning everything and anything you do will be voted by Internet community! I doubt I will want to do that, but Dan from Revision3 is doing that for 1 whole year.

He will be putting his day to day life on web, and activities he do will be voted by users of his community.

Check out his video here:

Check out his Revision3 page here.

Team Event – PaintBall

NSIEIS – PaintBall from tobias cai on Vimeo.

Yesterday I went for Paintball for the first time, and I have to say it is very interesting, fun and PAIN! Haha! Most of us got hit, in different spot, and one of my friend bleed due to a shot on his hand! Haha.. but nevertheless it is still very fun and I don’t mind playing it again!

We played the PaintBall Game at Bottle Tree Park in Yishun, the place is call Redynasty Paintball, you can find them @

50GB Data Plan for iPad from SingTel

SingTel have announced on their site their newly launch iPad Data Plan.

50GB Plan

Monthly Subscription: 34.50 per month for $30.50 per month for a 24 months contract.

Data Usage: 50GB

Download Speed: 7.2Mbps

Upload Speed: 1.5 Mbps

Excess Charge Cap: $94.16

One-Time Charge for Mirco-Sim: $13.38

For a FREE USB modem and a MicroSIM with adaptor, sign up at $36.50 a month for 24 months.
One-time charge of $37.45 applies.

3 Day Unlimited Plan

There is also another 3 day unlimited plan at $12.60, you can do top up when you need them.

Details on SingTel Site

My View

Overall I don’t feel they are attractive enough, I feel that they are slightly more expensive than I thought they will be. Honestly, who will use up 50gb on their iPad?! They should have a lighter plan maybe a 12-20gb plan which is half the price, I think the response should be better.

Hopefully M1 or Starhub will be coming out with better plans for iPad, and because iPad is not tied to any carrier, people can buy iPad at Apple Store and just purchase a contract from any Carriers in Singapore! 🙂

iPad launch in Singapore on Friday, but I’m not buying it. Why?

4 Reasons why I’m not buying Apple iPad as a Apple fan boy.

1. I’m Poor. OK la!

This is the most common reason people give right? But actually poor is relative. I will be buying iPhone 4 even if it is more expensive than iPad, why? Because I love my iPhone 3G and I have been waiting for iPhone 4 for 6months(I’m out of mobile contract).

2. iPad is running iOS which is almost same as iPhone’s iOS.

I don’t seem much difference from using a iPhone and iPad. Yes, the screen is bigger but overall the feel is completely the same. I don’t think I am going to buy another iPhone just because it have bigger screen.

3. I feel that iPad is abit too limited as a Portable Tablet/Computer.

Yes, you might argue that iPad is not a computer, it is a consumer device like TV or Nintendo Wii. But for me I feel that iPad will be a PC replacement, with iPad I think 90% of my normal day Computer workflow can be achieve on it. For eg. Surfing web, watching podcast, blogging, tweeting, facebook, email, IM, listening to music and even gaming. But there is this 10% that is don’t really do yet that is bothering me.

  • No external drive – I’m almost limited to 16-64gb of space, If I need more I can’t get…. yes, dropbox or some other way I can get more space, but it is just not my normal workflow.
  • No iMovie – One of the main reason I love my MacBook Pro is that it have iMovie, a very powerful and easy to use Movie Editor that I can import clips from my HD Camcorder, editor and export them. I can’t really do it on my iPad
  • Multi-tasking – Yes, you can say that Multi-tasking is coming, but it is not true multi-tasking.
  • Files Support – I hope play RMVB files, or some other format of files on iPad, but it is not really possible now.
  • Files Download – It is not as easy to download and open files like you normally do on a Mac/PC.

4. Android

I always have a interest in Android, even before the first Android phone came out, I’m already reading heavy on it and thought of doing development(during my poly days). So if there is any tablet is that going to have a good form factor, good battery life and runs Android, it might be a better choice for me.

Thus… I’m not getting iPad when it launch in Singapore, even though I want one… :X