Happy Birthday Singapore 2011!

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore! Wish everyone in Singapore to have good health and happiness for the whole 2011 and the coming 2012!  Be sure to catch the NDP 2011 on TV this evening.

Google had Singapore Flag Doodle for today, thanks Google for not forgetting us even though we are just a small small country!

Creative Videos

I’m always a fan of creative video produced. I really hope one day I can participate or be part of such creative and cool video production. But now, let’s all enjoy the cool video created by Freddie and his freddiew team, and Sam and niko at CorridorDigital

Freddiew – Real life Mario –

Wanna know how they made this video?

Freddiew – Time Crisis?

Freddiew – Cereal Killer

Behind the scene of Cereal Killer

CorridorDigital – Prism
Super cool video, high budget, but very nicely done.

Exabytes My Best Webhost thus far

Its almost 1 year since I have switched to Exabytes.sg, and I have never looked back! If you guys have read my blog post previously, I was hosted on iPage for UsingApple.com, my Apple related Blog, which now have over 500 readers per day.

The main reason why I switched was because iPage couldn’t handle the load, my site was down half of the time. I lost quite a bit of readers during that time, so I start searching for a new host. Stumbled upon Exabytes.sg and did some research, it have good reviews and decided to sign up for it.

Exabytes.sg are mostly at malaysia, so it is very near to Singapore where I live, thus the network speed I’m getting is very good, not only that, it helps me traffic with local readers abit. Till now, I haven’t encounter any real issues with them, and the support are so responsive that I was totally impressed with.

Do check out them if you are looking for a good and reliable host.

Star Wars – Old Republic

I was stunned after watching this clip for Star Wars Old Republic Intro Cinema. How you wish to play this game right? Always love Star Wards games, too bad this is MMORPG and most likely need to pay monthly.

Minister Farrakhan Interview – UFO is real [Video]

I have no idea how credible are the words of the Islamic Minister Louis Farrakhan, but he do make some sense. And I believe there are something out there which we don’t know yet. So who knows what he will disclose to the world. Hopefully it will be some with evidence, which might force countries like USA and Russia to tell us what is happening.