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Good Bye Eventful 2012, Welcome a new beginning 2013!


2012 was a very action-pack year for me –

  • Jan – Got my own flat
  • Feb – Pre-wedding Photo
  • Feb – Spent all my fortune on flat renovation
  • Apr – Moved in my new flat
  • Jun- House-warming
  • Jul-Sept – Wedding Preparation
  • Oct- ROM & Wedding
  • Dec- Pass my Driving Basic Theory

Above are the main events that I had for 2012.

For gadget wise, It was quite a slow year though, I haven’t been very active on blogging, nor catching up with tech news as I’m already jam-packed.

iPad Mini and Macbook Air are the only 2 main purchase I had. All I can say is iPad Mini is the iPad I have been waiting for. Size wise, I think it really make more sense to me than the regular 9.7″ iPad. 13″ Macbook Air is the best laptop I have ever use in my life, SSD really make a great difference.

What’s on for 2013 then?

  • New Member to our Family!
  • Driving¬†License¬†finally(I hope so)
  • As usual, more blogging(I know I always don’t)
  • More photo and video taking
  • Time Management as always.

Gadget wise, I have updated my buy list for 2013:

  • Apple Airport Extreme
  • Tamron 24-70 VC Canon Mount
  • External HDD for Macbook Air
  • iMac
  • Car?

That’s all folks. May all of you will have a great 2013 and Happy New Year!