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Minister Farrakhan Interview – UFO is real [Video]

I have no idea how credible are the words of the Islamic Minister Louis Farrakhan, but he do make some sense. And I believe there are something out there which we don’t know yet. So who knows what he will disclose to the world. Hopefully it will be some with evidence, which might force countries like USA and Russia to tell us what is happening.

Xperia PLAY – World First Playstation Smartphone launch today in Singapore!

The world’s first gaming smartphone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY, is available exclusively with SingTel from April 22, 2011. The  Xperia™ PLAY will also be available at Sony Ericsson concept stores at a Recommended Retail Price of S$888 in the colours Black and White.

Key highlights of the Xperia™ PLAY include:

  • Combines a PlayStation-quality gaming experience with the latest Android smartphone technology (Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread)
  • First PlayStation certified device, giving gamers access to PlayStation game content including Sony PlayStation 1 game titles
  • Provides an immersive mobile gaming experience with super fast graphics and dedicated game controls on a slide out game pad
  • Six preloaded games, including FIFA 10 and SIMS 3 by EA Games

There will be more than 50 titles available, which are optimised for game play on Xperia PLAY, including top franchises such as GLU/Activision’s Guitar Hero and Gameloft’s Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. We have a full fact sheet of game titles Xperia™ PLAY to date, so feel free to let me know if you would like to receive that separately.

Xperia PLAY will retail at $888 without contract, and $348 with SingTel’s 3G Flexi Lite, $148 with 3G Flexi and $0 with 3G Flexi Plus!

Official Xperia PLAY Sony Ericsson Site

Official SingTel Shop, get a free wireless headphone if you purchase now!

HDR Newbie

Hi guys. It has been a long time since I have blog. Recently I’m very busy with work, especially when I came back from US Vacation. Works has been crazy, haven’t been so busy for quite awhile… Learnt quite a few new things like Informatica Server Installation, Data Profiling from Informatica and Oracle DataWarehouse Administration.

Anyway back to what I wanna blog today. HDR and Photography. Yes, I have recently bought a DSLR – Canon 600D. DSLR is on my wishlist, so yup 1 strike off from it, a very painful one. Now I’m a very poor man. But what made me bite the bullet was my recent US Trip.

I always believe the saying “Money can’t buy Memory”, but what money can buy closest to “Memory” is Photographs & Video. Thus I bought my first ever DSLR Canon 600D. So for my trip to US, I brought along 600D and Panasonic HS200 Video Cam.
What can I say? I’m very busy in the trip, trying to balance when should I take video and when should I do photo. Anyway because camera is the newer one, so of course I will definitely be abit bias, thus took abit more photos than video.

Below are some of my HDR photo I took, HDR- High Dynamics Range Photos, I’m a newbie and learning. Please leave a comment so I can learn more about photography and HDR:

Thanks for viewing! 🙂

So, UFO really is among us.

Another update of UFO. During my secondary school days, I was addicted to reading Animorphs books from Applegate, still my favorite books series till now. Why? Because it is a series based on Aliens and Technology which I feel is highly possible. Although author of the series Applegate mentioned all are ficition, but it seems amaze me.

Anyway, check out the consolidated video from YouTube on all the UFO sighting for the past few years, it excites me, honestly because I always feel that aliens are real:

Cute Japanese Cooking Toy!

I’m not really into those cute stuff, but I came across this cute Japanese cooking toy that is pretty amazing! Not only you make them from scratch, the way that the “food” you make is pretty magical!

Please note that the “food” cannot be eaten! They are just toys that look very real!

Check out the video and you will be amazed by how Japanese is so perfectionist!

Oh ya! The cooking sound is made by chemical reaction, the food is not really cooking and it is not warm too.

The below video of Japanese Food Toy are all eligible, they are all kind of jelly with flavor! Quite cool har?