Growth and Progress

I haven’t been a blogger for very long… To be exact, close to 1.5 years…‘s first blog post is on November 2009. I was never a Apple Fan boy, nor do I use any Apple product. Thanks to my girlfriend and parents who bought me an iPhone 3G for my birthday 2 years ago and turned me into one.

I bought my Macbook Pro on June of 2009 and there it drove me to create UsingApple blog sharing Apple related news, tips and tricks on it.

Below is the progress of my Apple Blog for the last 20 days… Better impressive from my own point of view… I remember those were the days when my blog only have 1-2 views and I finally got a average of 300-400 unique per day.

Thanks everyone… I will continue to blog more…Haha!

So, what do you think ?