Wishlist for 2011!

This is my first ever wishlist, I was never really into blogging previously. I started blogging just late 2009, started UsingApple.com as a hobby blog for Apple products as I got in love with Apple. Of course, i gotten the hang of blogging, and started tobiascai.com as my personal blog, blogging on tech stuff that aren’t really related to Apple and my life.

So now let’s list down my wishlist for 2011!

1. NAS – I need it, this is one my confirm buy list, as I really need more space, so NAS should be the way to go, less cables.

2. iPhone 5 – No doubt about it, iPhone 5 will be in my list, so will iPhone 6 the next year.

3. Entry Level DSLR – I love my HD Video Cam given to me from my girlfriend, video is really the only way to help you remember those happy moments during tours and events. But taking good photos is an art. I wants to learn how to take good picture, thus entry level DSLR is what I want for 2011 too!

4. Airport Extreme Base Station – My linksys router served me for almost 8 years… still going strong, but I want an Airport!

5. Macbook Air 11inch – I think it is a wonder, a very cool and thin laptop, which I think is the way all laptop should be.

6. Mac Mini Server – Always wanted to test out Snow Leopard Server OS, of course if Lion Server will be on Mac Mini Server, I will prefer it! :X

7. iPad 2 – I have blogged about why I don’t want to buy iPad, but after almost 1 yr, I still don’t see any tablet as good as iPad, maybe iPad 2 will have features that make me change my mind about buying iPad?

8. iMac 27inch  – iMac have the nicest screen I have ever seen, large screen is always cool, but I think the next refresh will be the one that I will buy even more. Hopefully SSD will be cheaper and I think SSD as primary HDD is the way to go for desktop too!

Haha, this my list of wishlist, they are numbered, according what I feel I need it most. Although all of the above is what I want, but what I need is actually just NAS. The rest are really just plain wishlist. My Macbook Pro 13″ is serving me like a king, just that I’m running out of HDD, thus NAS is cool.

What’s your wishlist for 2011? How different is it to mine? Leave a me a comment. if you are feeling rich, and wish to give me any items on my wishlist, please feel very free to contact me! Haha!

So, what do you think ?