Monthly Archives: December 2010

Start Fire with just IKEA’s Product

I know this is abit “stupid”, but imagine if one day, you really don’t have lighter or any means to start a fire… Maybe 2012 December 21 is here, and no other way you can start fire… You have an IKEA store near you… this might save your life… you might be able to keep yourselve warm when the weather is crazy harsh.

Ok! No more rubbish, check out this video, it is slightly long, but nevertheless interesting:

Star War is coming to Xbox Kinect!

This is awesome, look at the trailer and imagine yourselve playing. I don’t think I need to say more, this will be a great game. I’m sure it will make lot of guy’s dream come true. Xbox Kinect allows you to play games like Star War without any controller, you can use your hands or any stick and your lightsaber and start playing. Cool!