Anthony Neely, 倪安東 released his album!

Not alot of male artist can attract me, but Anthony Neely,倪安東 is someone who! The above video is his new song which he released on 18/11/2010. He participated in 超級星光大道5as someone who PK the existing competitor, so he is not really in the competition, but he scored super high marks everytime when PK. Check out his video and you will understand why I feel that he sings with feelings, although he’s primary language is not chinese.

Below are a few of his video when he PK a year ago:

The Blower’s Daughter –

如果沒有你 –

好久不見 –

He’s a pro yeah? No, he did not undergo any training when he join the show, cool yah?


So, what do you think ?