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Impressive Future Smartphone by Mozilla!

I know Microsoft is building Windows Phone 7, Android is growing very strong and Apple is one of the most popular and innovative smartphone manufacturer around. But Mozilla came out with what I feel the most impressive and amazing smartphone concept around.

Mozilla Seabird

Although Seabird is just a concept but the design is already quite fully featured. It comes with 8MP camera, IR dongle together with Bluetooth for Ear-piece which can be detach from the phone itself!

The most impressive part is the 2 way projector built-in on the phone! You will be able to project out a virtual keyboard and display, so you can use your phone like a PC/laptop whereever you dock your phone! Impressive yeah?

Stop imagining the phone, check out their concept video below:

Mr Brown Take of NS Recognition Award

I have always been a fan of Mr Brown, our Singapore Local Podcast Talent. He has always been very funny, straight to the point and creative. Here’s he’s take on the new NS Recognition Award that Singapore Government is giving us NS men who have served the nation. But what about the “old-birds” who have MR before the launch of this award?

Let Hitler tell you his feelings toward this issue:

Hitler Finds Out about his NS Recognition Award from mrbrown on Vimeo. giving out free domain name and hosting plan!

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New Host,, Bye iPage

Hi All,

If you are a reader of my blog, you should have notice my blogs has been going up and down for close to 2 months. Yes, There is something wrong with my previous webhost, iPage after I upgraded my WordPress to 3.0. My Blogs are redirected to the WordPress installation page from time to time.

iPage Issue

I tried reinstalling both and’s wordpress, deleted all the folders. Repaired mySQL Tables and even seeked support for countless times. But it did not help, I try searching through the web and realise there are same issue encountered with some of iPage users. Thus it decided to switch host, because I know it is a problem not just a one off issue.


Coincidently, Exabytes has been very active in Twitter and caught my attention. They have been following me, and have some promotion. They promoted domains name at just SGD$1.99, so I registered both and from them. Next they even have the Be Cool Promotion where they give out free hosting if you post a picture of theirs and tag 5 of your friends, I tried and got a free hosting.

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Turning point, Switched to Exabytes

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