Monthly Archives: June 2010

WordPress 3.0 is out and available for download now!

I feel that the updates are very cool, especially the new theme 2010 which is very cool looking. The features includes the columns and navigation looks great for organizing the website. Will definitely update it very soon and have a feel of it.


Tobias is not my real name, but it is my name. I have been using Tobias as my “real” internet name ever since I’m 12, and I even have nickname out of my name, ToBy. Most of my friends/internet friends know me as ToBy, as it is easier to pronoun than tobias, most people get them wrong for the first time.

Although long story short, Tobias is my name, and I have just registered! I have been considering for awhile.. should I get a .sg domain name or just a .com… but after I got a .com in the end, due to it is CHEAP! Haha, And I’m poor.

Hope I will blogging more frequently at, if you like me or you know me, please visit that’s my Apple Tech Blog that I’m running! Thanks!

Gates of Hell Just Opened In Guatemala

This is the craziest deep sinkhole I have ever saw on Earth! Look at it… always like it is going to be 2012… I have no idea what happened, but according to reports this sinkhole appeared last sunday in a street intersection of Ciudad de Guatemala. It is by Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha. Super crazy shit…

No! It is not photoshop! Please…. it is just sad…

Check out the Video shot from a helicopter flying across the sinkhole…