Tiger abused in Malaysia Resort – A’Famosa

Read this article in DK’s Blog today, was shocked! Walau, the tiger look super “sleepy” as though it don’t have any energy… And look at the guard, he looks like he can pull, pinch, push the tiger like it is a cat or what? furball ah? He is not scare meh? Seriously no matter how trained the tiger is, I’m sure he/she will get angry if handle this way. So the guard won’t be scare meh?!

Okok, Check out the video:

You know what the Marketing Team in A’Famosa Resort reply? Check this out:

Warmest Greetings From A’Famosa Resort

We’re referring to your e-mail on regards of the video shared onwww.youtube.com

We would like make things clear that we never druged any of the animal for entertainment sake. The tiger shown in the video was just merely lazy and it’s was their nature to do so.We pratice a standard level in handling the animals.

However, rest assure that we had stop the photography session with the tigers due to the public & management concern of the tigers welfare. We appreciated your feedback which had been forwarded to management for their action to be taken.

Thank You.
Eric Ong.

Serious a not? Not drug? I think otherwise…


So, what do you think ?